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Pure Silk Women Scarf Watercolor Flower Hijab Square

Pure Silk Women Scarf Watercolor Flower Hijab Square

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Thickness: Thin

Hand feeling: Soft

Product Category: Middle Square - Type A

Material: 100% Silk (Satin)

Dimension: 85cm × 85cm (33.5in × 33.5in)

Gross weight: 36g (1.3oz)

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# How to Clean a Silk Scarf
1. Hand wash is recommended. Fill a clean sink or large bowl with cold water (<30 °C / 85 °F).
2. Add a very mild detergent such as Woolite or Dr. Bronner’s Baby Soap to the water and agitate the water to mix in the soap.
3. Gently handwash the silk item by pulsing the water with your hand several times to move the soapy water through the fabric.
4. Rinse the item in cold water until all soap residue has been removed.
5. Press the water out of the fabric by rolling it in a towel. DO NOT twist or wring, as this will damage the fabric.
6. Hang the wet scarf and allow it to air dry completely. DO NOT hang silk garments in the sun to dry.
7. Iron only when absolutely necessary. Use a cool iron with a press cloth between the iron and the fabric.

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